Cinnamon from Madagascar

Cinnamomum Verum syn. Zeylanicum

Available organic:
Agro-alimentary Organic product certified by ECOCERT SAS
NOP certified by ECOCERT

Madagascar Ceylon Cinnamon is dried inner bark of a small evergreen tree that is harvested during the rainy season when the bark is most flexible and easiest to work with.
APL Vanilla & Spices grows its own cinnamom plantations around the areas of Brickaville to Mananjary regions. We are also in partnership with neighbouring villages, where we control the delicate operation that is harvesting the bark. It takes an unparallel patience for the farmers to gently remove the bark of the cinnamon, roll it in sticks or to scratch it in crumbs (which will eventually be used in the production of powder).
In our main warehouse, we will then need to sort it out, cut it, crush it or grind it carefully to retain the essential oil content (about 1%), which constitutes the complexity and the warmth of her cinnamon flavor. One of our key quality to having a great product is the age of the tree, the attention given at harvest time, and season.
Annual production capacity : 750 tons

Unscratched cinnamom (HNNG):

The inner bark is peeled with its outer layer and dried.

Scratched cinnamom (CZ4):

The outer layer is removed through scraping before the bark is peeled away. The flavor and color are stronger. This quality is usually one recommended to customers.

Cinnamom sticks:

The bark is scrapped the carefully peeled away and rolled up into cinnamom sticks. The standard length is 12 cm but upon customers ‘request, other length could be provided.

Essential oil (bark / leaves): Is obtained through the distillation of scrapped cinnamom or leaves, which guarantees a fully satisfactory quality with a high level of 55% cinnamaldehyde and sometimes reach up to 65%.

Ground Cinnamon:

At APL Vanilla & Spices, we control the entire production process, from the flower, fruit, leaf and seed to the finished product.

  • 250-300 microns milling obtained by grinding and rescreening

Quality of Cinnamon

Madagascar Ceylon Cinnamon (cinnamom zeylanicum) has a subtile, sweet and delicate flavor similar to the Sri Lankan cinnamon. It is different from the Chinese Cinnamom (cinnamomum kassia) which contains high content of coumarin, a substance prohibited in some European countries.

Intended use

  • Cinnamom is used as a spice in cooking and in the food industry.
  • Cinnamom essential oil is mostly used to aromatize liqueurs and cosmetics.

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