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We believe in growth, but not at the expense of our future.

We believe that agriculture and nature are 2 key elements of humanities survival that were meant to cooperate.

That is why we are at the forefront of an ongoing search to find the best possible and most sustainable solutions that benefit our farmers, communities and our customers.

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Exotic Dried Fruits

APLV produce dried exotic dried fruits, vegetables powder and gluten-free flours. Thanks to the exceptional richness and diversity of the Malagasy soil, we are able to offer a wide variety of 100% natural products with high nutritional value

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Essential Oils

At APL we extract oils from spices and medicinal plants. This process allows us to offer a wide range of essentials oils.

Our exraction experts have a vast experience in extracting oils from plants with modern technologies and machinery. Our goal is to create extracts that are effective, while also socially and environmentally respectful.

Creating diverse types of plant extracts that reveal the full extent of nature’s treasures is one of our Team's greatest strengh.

Plant extraction technology also serves into active ingredients for cosmetics, for nutraceuticals, and for dermopharmacy.

Today, we aim at being a leader in extraction of plant oil with the help of technology, focused approach in manufacturing and key-industry partnerships.

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